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​"It is difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato" - Lewis Grizzard

"Legola" stems from a local Setswana word used among Batswana. It is used to describe a field that yields a generous harvest, and is therefore symbolic of the good returns we give our clients for investing in our media.  

Thus, we are Homegrown in Botswana

We take pride in our name as it not only represents the quality of our services, but also allows us to express our gratitude for our home country. Being among the few locally established OOH media companies in Botswana, we prioritise the idea of reinvestment into the country that made us. 


At Legola Media, we strongly believe in OOH advertising and it's unwavering longevity in the advertising industry. A highly valuable and contemporary way to showcase a business/ brand centre stage. We're extremely enthusiastic about creating an experience that makes our clients feel highly appreciated. Our mission is to help our clients with the use of diverse advertising media portals and to take advantage of prevailing opportunities to continually improve our service to our clients.

Our focal point is BIG BOLD BILLBOARDS. We're dedicated to billboard advertising because unlike commercial or magazine adverts, you can't flip the channel or turn the page on a billboard. Neither does your advert sit on the sidebar of a webpage squished in between other advertisements easily ignored and forgotten.

When did we
start our


Our BIG and BOLD journey began in September of 2008 and we have continued as a going concern for over a decade. We're really excited Legola Media has dynamically grown it's media holding, managing numerous advertising projects from standard conventional outdoor billboard media to diversified OOH media including integrated digital media platforms. Our methods have attracted advertising concessions through-out Botswana and has made us the perfect partner for these business ventures.

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What drives us?

Choosing where your advert will go, what it will look like and it's impact on a particular  geographical area is all part of an exciting journey we want to make worth while for our clients. We understand that this is not a simple 'add to shopping cart' experience but one that requires some level of expertise if it is to be done the right way!


Driven by passion for billboards and we pride ourselves in being able to consistently identify client needs with concerted efforts at all stages of the journey. Legola Media strives to maintain and forge good, long-term strategic partnerships. The longevity of these relationships are a clear indication that we successfully meet the needs of our clients, some of whom have stayed with us since our inception in 2008.

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